Fans of CAI yilin's flower show

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  顺达平台报道,On July 6, jolin tsai a perfect performance in shenzhen, jing, she parachuted into shenzhen, wearing a set of color suit, big beautiful leg, jolin tsai's classic oldies caused whole follow, hot dance song hi! Is jolin tsai, small make up favorite singer, as released two albums in 1999 debut, 03 see me seventy-two album one issue, caused wide attention all over the world to listen to, jolin tsai also with this album, quickly became the sales champion in Taiwan. In 2007, tsai was named the best mandarin female singer in the 18th Taiwan golden melody awards.

  Jolin tsai's performance is perfect to explode in shenzhen, her appearance, full of fans cheering, jolin tsai standing on the stage, dressed in a colored suit her kind and fans fancy than heart, her singing is let a person enchanted, her figure is fascinating, color suits of this concert is to let CAI yilin's leg beauty to explode, combined with her brother jin dance, is to let the fans present heart. The performance in shenzhen is perfect, but I wish that CAI yilin can go better in the future!


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