The distress of killing women

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  顺达平台报道,According to foreign media reports, the famous actor "Super Killer" Super Killer revealed in an interview recently that she had ever had the idea of breast augmentation because of her teenage self-distrust of her identity and, on one occasion, she was stuffed with underwear by the studio staff, which made her feel very embarrassed. According to Colo Moritz, when she was 16 years old, she had a big psychological shock. At the scene of a movie, the dresser left her a gathered underwear and asked Colo Moritz to wear it, saying it was filled with silica gel to enlarge the cup. She suffered after the incident. I was very shocked and very self assured and anxious about my figure.

   Colo Moritz says she was hit, and the little details were poisonous, even if you tried to forget them, but the little details kept you in mind and made you start questioning yourself. She says she thought, "Maybe my breasts were too small and really made me feel bad. I'm not happy. " So I had the idea of breast augmentation. Colo Moritz had previously said that when he was 15, a 20-year-old actor had said to himself, "You're too fat, I'll never date a girl like you." That hurt him. But this experience has also made me more cautious, helping me to shape my own role selection criteria, let me know what kind of role to play, will choose those who can resonate with themselves, very strong-minded, absolutely can not break the promise who who who who who who who who the girlfriend, this is not good. Coro Moritz, a veteran child star in the United States, started her acting career at the age of seven. The movie Ghost Crying Wolf made Coro Moritz a little popular. In 2009, Coro Moritz became a real hit with the role of super-killer in the movie "The Bian King" and became a favorite woman for many people. Actress, who also has the highest popularity in the world, has won the second most beautiful face actress list. As a veteran child star, Chloe Moretz is also very demanding on himself.


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