Lin zhiling cooked for love not long ago

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  顺达平台报道,Lin chi-ling was born in Taiwan, the audience's heart is not old goddess! In her skin and figure, you can't find the trace of years, always be 20 years old appearance! Initially, Lin cheung in MV and official debut, later, Lin part-time taught in art school, dance, was Lin Jianhuan dug, began her modelling career, also won the "Taiwan first supermodel" honorary title. Lin's first film, red cliff, was named best new actress for her work. Later, Lin began to do charity, she is the first time to China foundation for poverty alleviation donation of ten million continue to support the nesting plan, known as this year is the most influential stars philanthropist.

  Earlier, when Lin zhiling attended her birthday party, she said to Lin zhiling that she hoped she could retire from the entertainment circle this year and live a comfortable life with her beloved. In the program, when Lin was asked by the host what was the last time she cooked for love, Lin admitted that it wasn't this year, but not so long ago. Now Lin zhiling, with her heart set on philanthropy, has once again ignored her personal problems! From Lin said in answer, she has in the past, for the person I love specially prepared dinner by candlelight, Lin also smile to say: "the core of the romantic or people", from the last time she prepares food for love is not this year, but is "not long ago. Lin again indirectly revealed that she is still single. I hope Lin zhiling can find the next half soon and live a happy life!


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