Xie was happy to travel with her parents

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  顺达平台报道,Xie posted a photo of herself playing with her parents and posted: "come out to play with my parents. She said my wife and mother would have children this year Too accurate! . In the photos, thanks in a group photo with parents standing in front of the temple, in the photos in accordance with the dress is very loose, xie depend on mom, also made the scissors hand gesture, very happy to be at the camera.

  Wearing a long black and white striped dress, she had a slight bulge in her belly and a big smile on her face. In the photo, xie yilin was so happy that he wore black-framed glasses and didn't even wear lipstick. This year, for her, xie announced that she had received her certificate on her birthday, which left many of ang's Internet users unresponsive. The announcement of marriage was so sudden that it wasn't long before the good news came back that she was pregnant on mother's day. After the pregnancy of xie yilin, decisively put down all the work, secure to protect their own baby, when there is no work, accompanied their parents out to play, is really a filial daughter!From the photo, we can see that his parents are enjoying themselves together. Although my father and mother are not as young as they used to be, they are still full of spirit and have a good time with their daughter. Her husband did not appear in the public eye very high profile, but very low profile. So, her secret work is still very good. Hope that xie yilin's baby can be born healthy and healthy, her life can be happy forever! Future deductive road also can be better and better!


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