Li yan, 12, showed up at the Paris runway

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  顺达平台报道,As you know, how is the daughter of faye wong and li yapeng li, li yan of 12 years old stand in T stage in Paris, easy, as a brand of catwalk, li yan is a graceful girl. Although li has suffered from a cleft lip and palate since she urinated, she is still strong enough to receive treatment and has fully recovered her cleft lip and palate. Now xiao li yan, smile up sweet and lovely. The kind-hearted li yan and his half-sister are deeply in love. Li yan was also a master of painting. Her first exhibition, "fairy tales in autumn", attracted attention from all walks of life. Wang fei and li yapeng praised their daughter's talent of painting. During her painting exhibition, her parents pushed aside their busy schedule to accompany her and cheer her on.

  Faye wong and li yapeng also for her daughter li yan "yan ran angel fund" is established, in order to help more patients with cleft lip and palate, li yan's one-man show all the income to the smile angel foundation, the ultimate goal of this is what they do show. An exhibition of paintings stunned all the audience. Today, fashion new conference in Paris, lee how four again as a model, T stage of li yan atmosphere is very, walking with the wind, to have the attitude of the faye wong days later, the flavour is dye-in-the-wood. Li yan of Paris fashionable dress week, do not have the arrogance of little girl and stage fright, but fall graciously, be not ashamed to be the offspring of queen of heaven, do not break the elegant demeanour of queen of the year of faye wong. In the future of the road, xiao li yan will certainly be in a number of uncle and aunt under the support of the better!


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