Lin xin is as amazing as aerial yoga

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  顺达平台报道,Everybody for the inside of the princess huanzhu crape myrtle is familiar, it is also the first piece of small make up contact series, the age still don't understand love, but my heart has lived a crape myrtle, sweet, gentle and sensible, that is a girl of learning model, is the boy's dream lover. Lin xinru, who plays purple wei, is famous for her famous works, such as returning pearl to the pearl, deep emotion, misty rain, etc. In the road, is lin2 xin such as a winner, how many years, always the same, each work is extremely high ratings, she is the audience in the heart of an angel, good actors work must be bad.

  Since Lin's birth last year, all the time has been spent at home. Recently, Lin xinru's aerial yoga spread all over the Internet. Suspended yoga and perfect postpartum repair stunned the audience. If the heart is so hard training, is it a new play? Exactly, if the heart is disclosed, will play a costume drama again, now doing yoga is for the performance before the exercise. The air yoga of the heart is like, use hammock only, hang oneself in midair, action difficulty is very big, but the modelling that the heart is like elegant however amazed everybody. With a clean balls head, wearing a simple white short-sleeved vest, black leggings, but simple and will lin2 xin such as figure show that nearly perfect, extremely dangerous action is amaze everyone. Lin revealed that he hadn't been exercising for a long time. He tried his hand first and said he was about to appear in a new costume drama. Can't wait any longer?


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