Fan chengcheng relationship with fan bingbing

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  顺达平台报道,Circle in which the couple have been poured out, and Fan Chengcheng this little fresh meat is coming out, often is the people, and the most media attention is his relationship with his sister, we once thought Fan Chengcheng can hit, is mostly depend on the relationship between the elder sister, and for his identity, everybody is also speculation, Fan Chengcheng has is a flow of niche, many programs are invited to him, to know the rules of traffic is now can make the ratings boost, so all you first asked him on the show, after the fight and he these achievements are acquired through his efforts, does not depend on her sister's relations. "Where are we going, dad?" has been recorded recently. At the beginning of the recording, we all saw prime minister fan in Reuters.

  Recently many netizens have started to question even Fan Chengcheng facial plastic surgery, and to search for his former photos, do and now is not the same, and some of the photos the gap is big, according to a series of Fan Chengcheng was a child, many people have expressed skepticism, unanimously feel now when I was a child and appearance change is too big. Through his old pictures, we can see to cheng cheng is a very cute lovable children in childhood, and to compare he and his sister, is indeed a gap is too big, it is no wonder that even to ridicule his brother sister ugly, probably most people just think Fan Chengcheng and sister looks don't like, and since the age of subtle gap, the media have long suspected that the relationship between the two people, but and dad are very much alike, facial features is a particular alike, but one small make up think they the most beautiful or the ice ice elder sister.


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