The royal luxury orchestra played for the queen

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  顺达平台报道,He queen's full name is the blessing of god, and the queen is the protector of the church's faith. The queen this time sounds like a great title. Female monarchs are called queens. The current queen of England is Elizabeth ii. The head of the commonwealth of England, the head of parliament. He is also Britain's longest-serving monarch. The queen reported the wedding in 1947. Her residence permit was in London, where she raised four children. After her coronation, she moved to Buckingham Palace and visited many countries, such as Canada, India and Pakistan. The queen also has an idol, revealing that she loves a Swedish band called abba. And it's a show where a lot of people are revealing, including family and friends.

  The queen's cousin revealed that the queen likes the popular music and is an excellent dancer with a strong sense of rhythm. Mrs Anson also said music had always been part of the queen's life. Famous British musicians also said that the queen is a fan of popular music and the queen is also a loyal fan of musicals. In my mind, the queen must often listen to music on portable players. A BBC hostess has also said that the queen once told guests at a dinner party that she liked abba and their music. Guests appreciate the queen's taste. Abba was founded in 1972, and the name of the group comes from the initials of the four members' names. The Chinese name is abba choir. In the melody aspect each has the talent, the lyrics elegant, the melody beautiful. The royal logistic corps orchestra performed abba songs for the queen at a White House exchange ceremony on Tuesday, the international financial times reported.


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