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  顺达平台报道,Recently, another foreign film is coming soon. This film also has the participation of several famous Chinese stars. It is a disastrous film. Recently, the director of the film came to China to participate in the interview with actors. The director praised the Chinese actors very much, and even revealed many details that were not noticed in the film, and explained that the film was a tribute to the great white shark again. He said that with the development of China, foreign films gradually enter China, which is a very good phenomenon. He felt that Hollywood films needed more Chinese audience support and more Chinese inspiration. I also hope that Chinese people can invest in their films, and I also hope that many Chinese actors can cooperate with him.

  He was visibly excited about his trip to China with the film. And he is also very confident about his film, he said, at the beginning of the production of the film did not even have confidence, but after a period of time, he became more and more confident. He added a lot of his own ideas to his film, and changed a lot of details, he said his film is his favorite in life. When it comes to Chinese actors Jason and li bingbing, he thinks they are very excellent and cute. In the film, the two play a couple, the two characters are very strong independent people. He clearly made great efforts to make sharks, referring to a lot of information, consulting a lot of professional scientists, in order to make a convincing shark. Speaking of the challenges in the shooting, he said that the challenges are always money and time. These two things are hard to get both. Limited time is not necessarily limited money.

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