Magic Submitter Review

Magic Submitter Review

This is a Magic Submitter Review. Magic Submitter is an SEO tool that tackles the off-site optimization side of things.

Ranking in Google is becoming a tougher task by the day. The quality of off-site optimization is more important than ever. Off-Site optimization is not only down to the quantity of the links but also about the quality, type and variation of links. Achieving all this manually would be ideal but at the same time not realistic. This is where Magic Submitter enters the picture.

Magic Submitter is a software developed by Alex Krulik. He had created this software to automate the process of obtaining links and get ranked within search engines. The main features of Magic Submitter are the following:

automatic account creation – registering for accounts is a long tedious process but Magic Submitter does that automatically. This feature on it’s own is already a big time saver.

automatic content submission – submitting content manually is another tedious task and let’s be honest how many submissions can be done manually per day? Magic submitter automates this process too.

automatic captcha solving – Magic Submitter resolves captchas automatically too, there is no need of you filling them in. Magic Submitter is smart.

Magic Submitter Pros

In my opinion Magic Submitter is a great tool as it automates the process of Off-Site optimization, once you set it you may forget it. In addition a big Pro is the monthly coaching call that are conducted by the creator of the product, Alex Krulik. These calls are very helpful but they also show the commitment and passion the creator of Magic Submitter has.

Magic Submitter Cons

The only con I may identify is that of misusing the product but that won’t happen if you invest some time in following Alex guidelines. In addition if you decide to try out magic submitter by clicking the below link I will personally provide you with some useful links that will show you how to use Magic Submitter effectively.

Are you interested in trying Magic Submitter? Stop waiting, try Magic Submitter for a full month at only $4.95.


SEO Scheduler Review

SEO Scheduler ReviewSEO Scheduler is a web based tool that guides users with the SEO process. SEO Scheduler was created for those users that either don’t have a big budget to outsource SEO, don’t have the SEO knowledge to do it themselves or else lack the motivation to actually get the SEO tasks done.

SEO Scheduler functions by the English saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” and applies it to the SEO industry. SEO isn’t something that can be done in a set time frame and left forgotten, it is an ongoing process that will lead to results after some time and patience. It is very easy to lose focus and motivation when doing SEO, SEO Scheduler does a good job at tackling these challenges.

Creating an account with SEO Scheduler is free. The first step is that of setting up your website easily within SEO Scheduler. What’s important to note is that when you’re setting up your website within SEO Scheduler you will also specify the category to which your website relates most. This will provide you with tailor made tasks for your website. Once the website is setup a SEO task will be listed on daily basis. The tasks relate both to on-site and off-site optimization which is key to maximize effectiveness. All you have to do is complete the task which normally shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes whilst occasionally it may take you up to an hour. That’s all, keep on performing the daily task provided and give it some time. Depending on the keywords you’re targeting it will take some time to notice the results within search engines.

SEO Scheduler Pricing
What I love about SEO Scheduler is that you may try it for free. Pricing varies depending on the number of sites you would like to optimize. SEO Scheduler costs $37 per month for 1 site, $67 per month for 5 sites and $147 per month for unlimited websites!

So what are you waiting for, click here to try SEO Scheduler for free! I’m sure that you will love it 🙂


The Best Spinner Review

The Best Spinner is an article spinning software that was launched in 2009. Since it was launched it has built quite a reputation that lives up to its name, as being the best. The Best Spinner is by far the best article spinner on the market and it’s worth every penny. You may find several free article spinners out there but none match the features and quality of execution that The Best Spinner boasts. If you are ready to invest money on an article spinner then look no further. The Best Spinner is the best article spinner around cause of the following reasons:

  1. Contains a built-in English thesaurus containing millions of entries
  2. It is a multi-lingual article spinner. Other tools will spin only English content but The Best Spinner also spins German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese content.
  3. It has the functionality to create your own thesaurus for the other languages, listed above
  4. The interface is very intuitive allowing you to get the job done quickly

The Best Spinner Pricing

For a limited time The Best Spinner is offering a 7 day full trial for only $7. If you choose to keep using The Best Spinner the fee would be of $77 per year. The subscription can be cancelled anytime. It’s important to note that The Best Spinner costs an annual fee rather than a one time fee as the thesaurus database is updated constantly and the software is also updated from time to time to reflect the changes occurring within the search engine algorithms. Don’t wait any longer click here to try The Best Spinner.


Hostgator 75% OFF – End of the World Sale!

Hostgator End of the WorldHostgator has done it again, once more they’re outdoing themselves with their greatest promotion ever – Hostgator End of the World Sale! For only one day, the 21st of December 2012, they are offering a 75% discount on any order! Yes you read right, if you subscribe to a year of web hosting you will save 75% off the final price. This is a great offer, not to be missed, both for those that want to buy their first web hosting package but also for those that already have web hosting but could make use of more web hosting for SEO purposes. The Hostgator End of the World Sale is a one time sale that won’t be available again and therefore should be grabbed without further delay.

Finally I would like to remind you that you shouldn’t grab this offer only for the reduced price but also because Hostgator is a company that offers quality and reliable web hosting. In addition they also offer more value for your money thanks to the extras they offer. Here is a list of the extras offered by Hostgator:

  1. Site Builder
  2. 24×7 Support
  3. Instant Backups
  4. $100 Google Adwords Coupon
  5. Latest cPanel
  6. Fantastico
  7. And much more…


Click here to redeem this great offer from Hostgator!



List of PPC Networks

List of PPC NetworksToday I will be sharing with you a list of PPC networks. PPC networks are a quick and cost efficient way to drive qualified traffic towards a website. Today I will be sharing with you a list of PPC networks to help you strengthen and grow your online business. PPC networks have been around for quite some time but it wasn’t until Google decided to launch their own PPC network that the advertising model really started to flourish. PPC advertising is normally associated to search engine marketing but it’s not only limited to search engines. PPC networks allow advertisers to also advertise on millions of websites, social media sites and much more. Here is the list of PPC networks:

Google Adwords –
This is by far the most popular PPC Network cause of the large amount of traffic Google boasts and also because of the quality of the traffic.

Bing Ads –
Bing Ads is the next best alternative to Google when it comes to PPC Networks targeting search engine traffic.

Yahoo Search Marketing –
Yahoo was one of the major PPC Networks for search engine traffic until a few years ago since they decided to join forces with Bing. Nowadays Yahoo Search Marketing is being closed down with Japan being the only market to note.

Facebook Advertising –
Facebook is the top PPC Network that allows advertisers to target social traffic, no need to explain why.

7 Search –
A small PPC Network that allows advertisers to target search engine traffic.

BidVertiser –
A small PPC Network that allows advertisers to target blogs.

LookSmart –
A small PPC Network that allows advertisers to target search engine traffic.

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Google Adwords Coupons

Google Adwords CouponsGoogle Adwords coupons are promotional vouchers that Google shares with new Adwords advertisers to persuade them to try their advertising platform thoroughly. The value of these adwords coupons vary from $25 to $200. It is important to know that every user is entitled to use only one promotional voucher and in conjunction with the creation of a new Adwords account. Basically if you already have a Google Adwords account that’s running you can’t take advantage of the free credit. To make use of a Google Adwords coupon you will need to create a new Google Adwords account.

There are several ways on how to obtain a Google Adwords coupon. One of them is to sign up to a service that provides free Adwords coupons. This is very common with web hosting, as most of the time when you sign up for a web hosting package you get a complementary Google Adwords coupon. This is the case with Hostgator which is a reliable web hosting company that offers free Google Adwords coupons with their web hosting packages. I suggest that you check out Hostgator.

Another way to obtain a Google Adwords coupon is to make use of a PPC agency as they would have coupons available for their clients. PPC agencies sign up to a Google program called “Engage for Agencies” ( ) to have access to the Google Adwords coupons.

Lastly I would like to highlight that Google Adwords coupons are available for free and you should never accept to buy a Google Adwords coupon as the seller would be ripping you off. If you would like more information on Google Adwords coupons you can either leave a comment below or else contact me by making use of the contact form found within the contact page.


Google Tag Manager Review

Google Tag ManagerGoogle has just launched Google Tag Manager, a new free tool that internet marketers will love. As you may have learnt with Google in recent years, not all good tools are paid. Google Tag Manager is a simple but very useful tool that allows web marketers to be more independent. Let me explain why.

As internet marketers we always like to test new advertising channels or analytics tools. To do so most of the time we need to upload scripts to pages or websites. If you own your own websites you have to stay connecting to the FTP or login to your website admin panel to upload or remove scripts. On the other hand if you’re in a full time job you’d have to ask the webmaster to upload and remove scripts. With Google Tag Manager anyone can upload and remove scripts by accessing a simple web interface. For those that manage multiple sites, you’ll find this tool even more useful as you can amend the scripts for multiple sites from within one interface. To get started you just need to do the following four steps which are:

  1. Set account name – this should be the company name
  2. Create a container for your website – you will have to create a container per website
  3. Copy the code for the container and paste it into your site’s code
  4. Add the scripts to the container from the Google Tag Manager web interface, please note that apart from Google scripts you can also add any custom scripts to your container


Targeted PPC AdsThis post describes what was discussed in the session “Winning The Click: Creating Great Paid Search Ads” that was delivered during SMX London this May.

This session was packed with information on how to maximize the performance of paid text ads in search results pages. The first speaker, Ben Beard from Adobe, kick started by explaining what an advertiser should write in his add. He highlighted the following points:

  • to mention what makes the business or product unique
  • to include prices, promotions & exclusives
  • to write in the ads what your potential customers can do
  • to include the keyword you’re targeting in the ad copy, at least once
  • to always keep in mind the user intent or mindset when writing the advert
  • to use tried and tested phrases such as “Official Site” and “Free Delivery”
  • to use language that turns away wrong customers, customers that will never convert
  • to match the ad to the landing page, it’s important to deliver the same message across the whole sales funnel
  • to test, test and test
  • to analyse competitor ads and come up with a new concept to differentiate your ad from the others

Following the above points he also highlighted the importance of looking into new ad formats such as the following:

  • sitelinks extensions
  • location extensions
  • product listing ads
  • product extensions
  • comparison ads – for certain niches such as mortgages it’s possible to create and ads to compare to competitors

The remaining speakers also highlighted the above points but also mentioned the importance of keeping the consumer in mind. The advertiser should always try to put himself in the visitor’s shoes and tailor make the ad to match the mindset of the consumer. Here are some tips that were mentioned:

  • to use sitelink extensions effectively by using them to address fears, list promotions and share more product specific information
  • to use “you” or “your” within the ad to address the consumer directly
  • to create ads that fulfill the needs of the searchers
  • to test having the price point within the ad
  • to test various ads at the same time, at least three

Lastly, some top search tools were also mentioned as potential aids to improve the performance of PPC campaigns. These are:

  • Kenshoo
  • Marin Software
  • and a tool that Adobe should be releasing soon, Adobe Search


Search Marketing Expo London

SMX London 2012

SMX London 2012

In the last couple of days I attend Search Marketing Expo in London. Together with Search Engine Strategies, Search Marketing Expo is the top conference about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). This is the third time I’ve attended Search Marketing Expo but I’m always looking forward to attend this event as it’s my chance to meet others that have the same passion as me – internet marketing. It is also a great opportunity to confirm or rub off some of my theories about internet marketing. At Search Marketing Expo I’m able to get rid of any doubts I may have since experts and the search engines themselves attend the conference. At my full time job my main responsibility is Pay Per Click Advertising therefore I attended six PPC sessions and two SEO sessions. For those that don’t know there were eight PPC sessions and eight SEO sessions but these sessions were delivered in parallel therefore one has to choose which to attend. I’ve attended the following sessions:

  1. Winning The Click: Creating Great Paid Search Ads
  2. Winning the Conversion: Creating “Can’t Say No” Paid Search Landing Pages
  3. Complying and Coping in The New World of Regulated Global Marketing Environment
  4. Overlooked, Underloved & Unknown Analytics
  5. Social Shares: The New Link Building
  6. Real Answers for Technical SEO Problems
  7. Retargeting & Remarketing: The New Behavioral Ads
  8. Maximizing Paid Search Campaigns with Google

In the next days or couple of weeks I will be sharing with you what I’ve learnt during these sessions so stay tuned to learn the about the latest happenings in the internet marketing world.


Welcome to Zrogo!

Welcome to ZrogoZrogo is my personal blog about internet marketing. I’ve been wanting to start such a blog for a long time and to be honest, I did so a couple of times but I never stuck to them. This time around I’m committed to keep the blog going, to prove my commitment I’ve also done some intensive research to find a short brandable domain that is pronounceable. After various hours of research in trying to find a catchy five letter domain I finally chose Zrogo. It may not mean anything yet but hopefully as this blog grows, I hope that Zrogo will start to be associated to internet marketing.

On my end I promise to share fresh and interesting content with my readers by at least posting juicy content every three days. As time passes I should be able to increase the frequency of posts. Participation is greatly appreciated 🙂

About Me
My name is Matthew, I’ve learnt about Online Marketing back in 2001. At that time I was very young and never thought that one could make a living online. In 2006 my view towards internet marketing changed completely as I moved into my first job as an internet marketer with my role being that of a web marketing assistant. That role helped me big time as I was assisting various marketing teams (SEO, PPC, Web Advertising etc.) therefore it was a great learning experience that allowed me to learn the basics of online marketing. Since then I’ve moved on to another company to a more specialized role, that of SEO and SEM. Nowadays I consider myself as a Search Engine Marketer. Mind you I love everything about internet marketing but as you know you can’t be great at everything therefore I’ve decided to specialize in SEO and PPC.