Google Adwords Coupons

Google Adwords CouponsGoogle Adwords coupons are promotional vouchers that Google shares with new Adwords advertisers to persuade them to try their advertising platform thoroughly. The value of these adwords coupons vary from $25 to $200. It is important to know that every user is entitled to use only one promotional voucher and in conjunction with the creation of a new Adwords account. Basically if you already have a Google Adwords account that’s running you can’t take advantage of the free credit. To make use of a Google Adwords coupon you will need to create a new Google Adwords account.

There are several ways on how to obtain a Google Adwords coupon. One of them is to sign up to a service that provides free Adwords coupons. This is very common with web hosting, as most of the time when you sign up for a web hosting package you get a complementary Google Adwords coupon. This is the case with Hostgator which is a reliable web hosting company that offers free Google Adwords coupons with their web hosting packages. I suggest that you check out Hostgator.

Another way to obtain a Google Adwords coupon is to make use of a PPC agency as they would have coupons available for their clients. PPC agencies sign up to a Google program called “Engage for Agencies” ( ) to have access to the Google Adwords coupons.

Lastly I would like to highlight that Google Adwords coupons are available for free and you should never accept to buy a Google Adwords coupon as the seller would be ripping you off. If you would like more information on Google Adwords coupons you can either leave a comment below or else contact me by making use of the contact form found within the contact page.

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