Google Tag Manager Review

Google Tag ManagerGoogle has just launched Google Tag Manager, a new free tool that internet marketers will love. As you may have learnt with Google in recent years, not all good tools are paid. Google Tag Manager is a simple but very useful tool that allows web marketers to be more independent. Let me explain why.

As internet marketers we always like to test new advertising channels or analytics tools. To do so most of the time we need to upload scripts to pages or websites. If you own your own websites you have to stay connecting to the FTP or login to your website admin panel to upload or remove scripts. On the other hand if you’re in a full time job you’d have to ask the webmaster to upload and remove scripts. With Google Tag Manager anyone can upload and remove scripts by accessing a simple web interface. For those that manage multiple sites, you’ll find this tool even more useful as you can amend the scripts for multiple sites from within one interface. To get started you just need to do the following four steps which are:

  1. Set account name – this should be the company name
  2. Create a container for your website – you will have to create a container per website
  3. Copy the code for the container and paste it into your site’s code
  4. Add the scripts to the container from the Google Tag Manager web interface, please note that apart from Google scripts you can also add any custom scripts to your container
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