Magic Submitter Review

Magic Submitter Review

This is a Magic Submitter Review. Magic Submitter is an SEO tool that tackles the off-site optimization side of things.

Ranking in Google is becoming a tougher task by the day. The quality of off-site optimization is more important than ever. Off-Site optimization is not only down to the quantity of the links but also about the quality, type and variation of links. Achieving all this manually would be ideal but at the same time not realistic. This is where Magic Submitter enters the picture.

Magic Submitter is a software developed by Alex Krulik. He had created this software to automate the process of obtaining links and get ranked within search engines. The main features of Magic Submitter are the following:

automatic account creation – registering for accounts is a long tedious process but Magic Submitter does that automatically. This feature on it’s own is already a big time saver.

automatic content submission – submitting content manually is another tedious task and let’s be honest how many submissions can be done manually per day? Magic submitter automates this process too.

automatic captcha solving – Magic Submitter resolves captchas automatically too, there is no need of you filling them in. Magic Submitter is smart.

Magic Submitter Pros

In my opinion Magic Submitter is a great tool as it automates the process of Off-Site optimization, once you set it you may forget it. In addition a big Pro is the monthly coaching call that are conducted by the creator of the product, Alex Krulik. These calls are very helpful but they also show the commitment and passion the creator of Magic Submitter has.

Magic Submitter Cons

The only con I may identify is that of misusing the product but that won’t happen if you invest some time in following Alex guidelines. In addition if you decide to try out magic submitter by clicking the below link I will personally provide you with some useful links that will show you how to use Magic Submitter effectively.

Are you interested in trying Magic Submitter? Stop waiting, try Magic Submitter for a full month at only $4.95.

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