Welcome to Zrogo!

Welcome to ZrogoZrogo is my personal blog about internet marketing. I’ve been wanting to start such a blog for a long time and to be honest, I did so a couple of times but I never stuck to them. This time around I’m committed to keep the blog going, to prove my commitment I’ve also done some intensive research to find a short brandable domain that is pronounceable. After various hours of research in trying to find a catchy five letter domain I finally chose Zrogo. It may not mean anything yet but hopefully as this blog grows, I hope that Zrogo will start to be associated to internet marketing.

On my end I promise to share fresh and interesting content with my readers by at least posting juicy content every three days. As time passes I should be able to increase the frequency of posts. Participation is greatly appreciated 🙂

About Me
My name is Matthew, I’ve learnt about Online Marketing back in 2001. At that time I was very young and never thought that one could make a living online. In 2006 my view towards internet marketing changed completely as I moved into my first job as an internet marketer with my role being that of a web marketing assistant. That role helped me big time as I was assisting various marketing teams (SEO, PPC, Web Advertising etc.) therefore it was a great learning experience that allowed me to learn the basics of online marketing. Since then I’ve moved on to another company to a more specialized role, that of SEO and SEM. Nowadays I consider myself as a Search Engine Marketer. Mind you I love everything about internet marketing but as you know you can’t be great at everything therefore I’ve decided to specialize in SEO and PPC.

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