Winning The Click: Creating Great Paid Search Ads

Targeted PPC AdsThis post describes what was discussed in the session “Winning The Click: Creating Great Paid Search Ads” that was delivered during SMX London this May.

This session was packed with information on how to maximize the performance of paid text ads in search results pages. The first speaker, Ben Beard from Adobe, kick started by explaining what an advertiser should write in his add. He highlighted the following points:

  • to mention what makes the business or product unique
  • to include prices, promotions & exclusives
  • to write in the ads what your potential customers can do
  • to include the keyword you’re targeting in the ad copy, at least once
  • to always keep in mind the user intent or mindset when writing the advert
  • to use tried and tested phrases such as “Official Site” and “Free Delivery”
  • to use language that turns away wrong customers, customers that will never convert
  • to match the ad to the landing page, it’s important to deliver the same message across the whole sales funnel
  • to test, test and test
  • to analyse competitor ads and come up with a new concept to differentiate your ad from the others

Following the above points he also highlighted the importance of looking into new ad formats such as the following:

  • sitelinks extensions
  • location extensions
  • product listing ads
  • product extensions
  • comparison ads – for certain niches such as mortgages it’s possible to create and ads to compare to competitors

The remaining speakers also highlighted the above points but also mentioned the importance of keeping the consumer in mind. The advertiser should always try to put himself in the visitor’s shoes and tailor make the ad to match the mindset of the consumer. Here are some tips that were mentioned:

  • to use sitelink extensions effectively by using them to address fears, list promotions and share more product specific information
  • to use “you” or “your” within the ad to address the consumer directly
  • to create ads that fulfill the needs of the searchers
  • to test having the price point within the ad
  • to test various ads at the same time, at least three

Lastly, some top search tools were also mentioned as potential aids to improve the performance of PPC campaigns. These are:

  • Kenshoo
  • Marin Software
  • and a tool that Adobe should be releasing soon, Adobe Search
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